Since its beginning, MEXE has been organised in a participatory manner developed, among other spaces, in foruns open to anyone who wants to think and create together. As usual, it was in a collective discussion where the trigger theme for the next edition of MEXE emerged – “The risk”.
This year has been defined by particular vagueness and intensity. Many of the inequalities and problems experienced by many are now exacerbated by a pandemic which has shaken the tyranny of certainties. The daily lives of citizens are shaken by the discredit of political life, the removal of tenderness and body contact, the growing power of technology, climate emergencies, social disorientation, the emptying of public space and the difficulty of affirming subjectivities. In an environment and space that often seems to be referring to a great impasse, the need to live the risk and its multiple facets propels us towards the active realization of other futures yet to come. Is that risk, virtual and real, where we live, here and now? What are its contours and nuances? Beyond the production of fear, paralysis, blocking and control, what constructive developments can this risk potentiate? In the fields of artistic creation, political action, democratic discussion and community life, confrontation and difference are inherent elements, just like risk.

Hugo Cruz
Artistic director


19.10 - 4.12.2020

The applications for the next edition of MEXE are open.

In this next edition, MEXE completes 10 years. In this path it has been consolidated as an international platform of reference in the field of community artistic practices. Like last year, the next edition will also have an extension: in Viseu (PT). In it’s previous five editions, MEXE had more than 1600 participants from 22 countries, and more than 25,000 spectators in 200 actions that occupied 47 different spaces of the city of Oporto.


In this edition, applications should seek a connection with the goals (Article 2) of MEXE - 6th International Art and Community Festival, with the aim of creating links to the topic presented.



The 3rd edition of EIRPAC will take place on 16, 17 and 18 September 2019 in Porto, as part of the 5th edition of MEXE_International Art and Community Festival, focusing on the theme “The Search for the Common - contributions of artistic practices to other possible future”.

Considering the complexity of this field of action and the growing importance that these practices have been acquiring in contemporary artistic creations, understanding these as inseparable from the social and cultural manifestations and experiences of communities, it is essential to create spaces for reflection and sharing among all its stakeholders. The III EIRPAC is strongly inspired by the social movements that emerge from the proliferating political transformations around the world and the emergence of new and renewed spaces for participation and artistic creation. In moments of restlessness and hopelessness, how do artistic practices imply the projection and collective construction of new realities and new futures?


Hugo Cruz
artistic director

Patrícia Barbosa
executive director

Fernando Almeida
support to executive management

Carinha Moutinho
production direction

Maria João Mota
EIRPAC coordination

Wilma Moutinho
technical director

Sara Cunha

Irina Pereira

Patrícia Poção

Salvador Gil

Cristina Queirós

Maria Gil

João Ferreira

Raquel Melo
production support

Mafalda Lourenço
production support 

Maria Vasquez
production support

Raquel Pinhão
sponsoring and partnerships



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